Exciting Times Ahead - Eliza Barnes Interior Design Blog
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Exciting Times Ahead

We have been working flat out to get our new website finished and today it is finally ready. Our trusty and very cool website designer Sam who lives in Berlin (told you he was cool) has been working around the clock to get it finished. We think he has done a marvelous job and we love the colours and adore his hand-drawn graphics. We have massively expanded our product range and our blog and we have put some of our projects up for you to view. We continue to work on several big renovation projects that are all in various stages of development. We will be bringing you before and after pictures of all of the projects that we are working on so you can see what we do. So, if you are doing your own renovation keep checking in. We will be giving lots of tips and advice on how to renovate your house in a cheap and interesting way.

Its hot outside but both me and Sally have been stuck indoors. For weeks now. Mostly photographing our gorgeous new products and writing blogs. But I love writing and I love beautiful things so it doesn’t really feel like a chore. Mind you, chuck in three teenagers and two Tibetan terriers and life becomes a little hectic. If I showed you my living room right now you would not think that I designed interiors for a living. Maybe I should? The floor is strewn with papers. My desk is awash with old cups of coffee. And my house has not been cleaned for a while… the fridge is empty.

I guess that really is the kind of design that I advocate. So many women feel like they have to live up to this expectation of making everything perfect. But the reality is that we have a lot going on and so I am a great believer in interiors that are not precious. That fall easily into an easy going vibe. My mothers only interior design advice (circa 1970 in Manchester) was get a patterned carpet and always buy a brown sofa, it doesn’t show the dirt! I kind of feel that maybe she is right after all. What she was really saying is choose an interior that is easy. That does not need loads of cleaning or maintenance. That doesn’t drive you totally insane every time the kids jump up and down on a chair.

My blog is a warts and all approach to living and designing a home. So I think you really do deserve a picture of my desk right now as I write this.

We would love to see your warts and all spaces so send in photographs to info@elizabarnes.com and don’t tidy first…