Our Story Eliza Barnes - About the team behind Eliza Barnes
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Eliza Barnes is Paula Barnes and Sally Ashen who met in 2014, they shared the ideal that interior design could be tailored for people wanting to style their own homes with a story that reflected their life. By mixing up heirlooms, salvage and skip-finds with new, functional and designer pieces, Eliza Barnes creates unique homes that tell their own stories.


Paula started renovating her own homes in the 1980’s. With a degree in textiles she already had an interest in vintage fabrics, salvaged materials and all things reclaimed.  A career in film and television took her to some interesting  far flung places where she slowly started to curate and collect interesting things to put in her house. After going back to school to study architecture she set up her own design studio for clients who wanted their homes to be unique.


Sally lived in London before moving to Lewes in 2008. Originally studying Philosophy, she went on to specialise in new business development. Sally has over a decade of experience in selling furniture to the trade and retail industry. She works at sourcing and advising on projects that range from small family homes to large commercial developments.


Paula and Sally run Eliza Barnes from their office in Lewes, East Sussex.