Street Style for your Home - Eliza Barnes Interior Design Blog
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Street Style for your Home

‘Street style fashion’ has been around for over a decade. We all have a few designers pieces hidden away in our wardrobes that we might wear with a vintage piece or a cheap top that cost a fiver. Our homes and our interiors are becoming the same. A home with ‘street style’ may feature salvaged or vintage items, a bespoke or designer piece or interesting quirky collections. Learn to mix a designer piece with perhaps an heirloom, alongside a lamp that you found at a boot fair. If you love it then it stays.

To get this unique and individual look try to mix textures and patterns and styles. Colours and patterns can clash and so can period details. Your mid century chair can sit along your granny’s table and your contemporary lamp. Enjoy searching around for those things that you cannot say no to. Trust your instincts. If you love it and it tells a story for you then add it to you very own curated collection of home items.

In this study typography, a retro desk chair and an elegant chandelier make a bold and beautiful statement.
Salvaged chairs, a sold oak table and an industrial pendant lamp create contrast.
A vintage lampshade clashes wonderfully with an elegant designer wallpaper.